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[Space Is Blog] interviewed Matt Ryan, giving us an introduction to his exciting project, Trip To The Moon. Matt is a big believer in communities and cities thriving based on the arts. Trip To The Moon is an entertainment and cultural marketing agency - this is where his passion lies. “We’re a marketing communications and boutique marketing agency working with various nonprofits and for-profits putting on events, driving a lifestyle and culture for entertainment. For example, we’ve worked with companies that are more lifestyle culture based, like Flow Water - a natural alkaline spring water that comes in an eco packaging. We also worked on a pet product, which is a lifestyle product for pets. We had a client, “Maizal,” a farm to table to farm restaurant, where they take the kitchen scraps back to the farm to feed animals. It’s some of the best Mexican food in the city, and they wanted to tell an incredible story to a wider audience.”

How did you come up with the name Trip To The Moon?

“We can all fathom going to the moon - its achievable, but it’s far away. Every project we do is a trip. Getting there is very difficult; we lead our partners through to get to that lunar landing and get them back. From a planning perspective - everything has a plan and we execute it. That’s what Trip To The Moon is - it’s a roundtrip. We don’t leave you there. Plus I love the moon; who doesn’t love a lunar eclipse a full moon, or a half moon.”

What types of events did you most enjoy working on and why?

“Everything has its highlights. Trip To The Moon launched with in/future, which was at Ontario Place - that was the most exciting project we’ve done. We built a team and strategy, new, exciting, and different for the art community & culture. It was an opportunity to work with Ontario Place and show the art community that space in a way that was never seen before. The caliber of the artists, music & multimedia that were put together by Art Spin and Small World Music was an incredible mix of talent and experience that was from an attendee experience, very special and enlightening to show that new events can happen in the city; that can be built with small groups of people with incredibly intense timelines and a location that was an interesting space to consider. Ontario Place wasn’t being used, and artists needed to install in areas that they weren’t accustomed to. Everyone was very proud of it. That event was what launched Trip To The Moon, and great things came out of it. We continued to work with Art Spin on interactive bike tours around the city based on art, ending with a great party. Every project is exciting - but in/future helped make us who we are. It brought it all together.”

Describe your ideal or favourite event space. Have you found it? What are some features of different spaces that you enjoyed?

What I enjoy is looking at what you have to work with or discovering it and using those parameters to create something remarkable. Ontario Place had so many things to consider when coordinating everything. Our curators and programmers had to work in a space that hadn’t been used in a while. That was something we promoted through our marketing as an excellent reason to come down. I enjoy a difficult space or outdoor venues - for example, Camp Wavelength is an indie music festival, usually held on the Toronto island. It gives us great content when you have art installations, music, and interesting people showing up. Outdoor works great with music. There’s something wonderful about hearing performances outside and being outdoors that’s special. Using an indoor enclosed venue is easier to work with though, because it’s much more controlled.”

“One of the most inspiring events for me, is the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. It’s a massive event that happens at Nathan Phillips Square, drawing over 100,000 people. Over 320 artists showcase their work. This event is very special because it’s about supporting the artists to the true definition. Everything is curated; from floor planning, to how the artists are chosen (by a juried committee), awards for various categories, and so on. When you see that many artists together in one space with diverse media of art, it is very special. There are artworks that are affordable and others that are more expensive, with a diverse look into arts & culture, and community.”

Trip To The Moon is the solution to arts & culture; and for entertainment brands that don’t have the capacity to put together their marketing campaigns or want to do things differently. “We find unique paths to business challenges that our partners have. Sometimes its limited to us doing PR or working on content, or sometimes it’s about figuring out tactics, strategies, and making something fully integrated. We’re a boutique small shop marketing agency. The bigger agencies aren’t always feasible to the nonprofits or smaller organizations. Every project is different. Trip To The Moon scales the team based on the partner. So with in/future, we built a team of 9 volunteers. But for other projects, its usually 2 or 3 of us working on various components, depending on what’s needed. Sometimes it’s just a one person job. Sometimes we need strategy and execution. Once you involve partnerships, we bring on a partnerships team, and integrate ourselves with the marketing team if there is one. We participate in meetings, we become present, and we become part of the team. We don’t put up a barrier; we integrate as such. We’re passionate about every project and we integrate collaboratively with the team. That’s how we get things done.”

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