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At [Space Is], we want to learn about the perspectives of community members that are involved in events around Toronto. The purpose of this blog is to share a variety of insights through interviewing diverse individuals and showcasing their unique experiences in the event realm. [Space Is] provides readers with creative ideas and tips on how to enhance event planning and execution.

Why did we start [Space Is]? It isn’t only the space that determines the event. It’s the full experience. At [Space Is], we believe in fostering connectivity within the local community. With unique event organizing experience, our passion continues growing - to the point where we want to actualize event concepts and possibilities. Our mission is to help others make their dream event come true!

What makes us unique? We are bringing creative know-how to the events world. [Space Is] creates meaningful experiences that people will remember. We are your integral event solution.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Toronto, Ontario

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