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Hearty Catering

Hearty Catering’s name says it all. Since its doors opened, the main focus has been on using ingredients that are locally grown and organic. The company’s vision to support a local and sustainable food chain while providing a delicious and nutritious food experience is reflected in all menus featuring local farmers’ produce. “We choose local, organic, seasonal produce whenever possible. We adhere to a code of preparing only naturally and sustainably-raised meats and sourced seafoods. We select our ingredients from local farms and suppliers who emphasize organic and sustainable offerings.”

How does Hearty Catering enhance events?

For Hearty Catering Founder Evelyne Gharibian, cooking, especially cooking for those whom she loved, was always a great source of pleasure. Sourcing mindfully cultivated ingredients from farmers she respected enhanced that activity. “Starting a healthy & green catering business was a way of sharing that experience with a wider community. We've been sharing our love of organic, local and delicious food with folks all over the GTA for over a dozen years.”

A main aspect of events is always the food. How do guests respond to the food choices? We really believe that quality food choices can really enhance an event - and people will notice. “Providing healthful and sustainably sourced food to guests is a great way of sharing a commitment to wellness and environmental stewardship. Hearty Catering’s service is a wonderful way to communicate values and care.”

What is the most popular dish?

“Hmmm....We have amazingly delicious (and healthy!) gluten-free and vegan baked goods, but our fave is probably our taco salad. It's a dynamic, fun dish that is customizable for every palate and dietary requirement. From backyard celebrations to boardroom meetings, it always gets a thumbs up.”

Describe your ideal or favourite event space. Have you found it? What are some features of different spaces that you have enjoyed?

“There are so many well known and hidden gems all over the city! Catering at the Ontario Science Centre always gives us a kid-like thrill. We love the idea of centering learning and discovery in the choice of venue. Artscape's diverse and engaging venues are among our favourites too. The combination of social enterprise, art and funky spaces is always a treat for our team and event guests. Not to mention, it's always a privilege to be welcomed into our client's homes. Sometimes the best and most meaningful spaces are the ones closest to the heart.”

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