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E&R Sweetery

E&R Sweetery quickly caught our eye, as we watched their beautifully designed cakes come to life. The arrangement of their colourful pastries brighten up any event, as all orders are custom made. Erin and Rachel, Founders of E&R Sweetery, both come from a business background - however, they never saw themselves in a standard business environment. Erin recounted that they began baking for family and friends as a passion, but after receiving endless positive reviews, they decided to turn their love for baking into a real business.

How did you decide to merge your creativities with custom-made desserts?

“We were doing this separately at first but learnt very quickly that together we can do so much more than apart. The custom cake business is filled with so many obstacles and difficulties but also brings us so much joy and satisfaction as each day brings us a new challenge that we can overcome as a team. Needless to say, it’s never boring!”

What are the most popular desserts, flavours, and designs?

“Our most popular dessert definitely has to be our soft-baked cookies. We have flavours such as smore’s, red velvet, and funfetti which are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser… you literally can’t have just one.”

“Some people don’t believe us when we say this but our most popular cake flavour is probably banana (it’s definitely our favourite!). It can be customized with chocolate chips and paired with a variety of frostings like chocolate, cream cheese, and salted caramel. It’s SO delicious and once you try it, you will never go back to any other flavour.”

“The most popular designs definitely have to be our unicorn cakes and our “naked” cakes (a.k.a no icing on the outside!). They can both be customized in so many different ways so even though the style of the cake is the same, the features of each cake varies vastly.”

Which E&R orders are most exciting to create for you and why?

“Each order has its own excitements and challenges. Weddings are always challenging as they are usually multiple tiers and generally a focal point at wedding venues. Being the perfectionists we are, we always want to make sure they are perfectly straight, each detail is placed in a visually appealing way, and we are able to bring the bride and groom’s vision to life!”

“Birthday cakes are always really fun to make as each one is so unique to the person it is being gifted to. Custom birthday cakes generally have elements that represent the individual and may be something we’ve never made before; so the challenge there is making sure we can perfectly recreate an item that someone loves and knows very well.”

Describe your ideal or favourite event space. Have you found it? What are some features of different spaces that you enjoyed?

“Event spaces are a very important aspect of bringing our desserts and cakes to life. When consulting with customers about the event they’re throwing one of the first questions we ask them is the location of the event. This helps us design the cake to the style of the venue. We love a modern, clean cut look of venue such as the Chateua Le Parc, but on the other hand love a rustic, natural look such as Steamwhistle Brewery and Distillery District.”

“Having a beautiful view, good lighting, and nice backgrounds is crucial to making our cakes shine in their best light. We made a beautiful three tier wedding cake for a wedding at the Globe and Mail Centre where our cake was displayed with the Toronto skyline as a background. The amazing view from the venue made our cake the perfect focal point for the wedding.”

“For us, the most important feature of a venue is their accessibility. When carrying a multi-tiered cake, or any cake for that matter up multiple flights of stairs (cakes are a lot heavier than they may look!), it can be a nerve wracking process and one that we do NOT enjoy.”

“Visually, event spaces that we both have LOVED in the past are a mix between modern and rustic, very clean looking, and have very high ceilings. We find that these features mixed together make for the perfect venue.”

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