With a unique eye for creativity, [Space Is] will bring your dream event to reality through a memorable experience

What We Do 

[Space Is] designs personalized event services according to your needs.

We conceptualize, organize, and manage your event from start to finish.

Specializing in crafted events, [Space Is] incorporates best social and sustainable practices. 




About Us

[Space Is] events are community-minded and eco-conscious. With a passion for our environment and creative management, we aim to incorporate best sustainable practices within our personalized and crafted events.


We consider all elements that attribute to gatherings, from florals, decor, and catering, to entertainment and partnering with the best local staff. The [Space Is] solution aims to reduce our carbon footprint through the choices that we make. We ensure the highest quality events, without the harsh environmental impact.

If you see your next event through a green lens, get in touch!

Giselle Hausman: Event planning with student groups at York University quickly led to expanded roles such as community outreach and events with Environmental Defence, a Canadian environmental action organization. In 2015, I co-founded Speak for Music - a project aiming to develop local students' English skills through creative mediums in Valencia, Spain while completing my MA at Berklee. Opportunities arose to work with festivals in Toronto such as Small World Music Festival and Ashkenaz Festival, showcasing diverse artists from all over the globe. In 2016, a new chapter began as CSR coordinator at a telecommunications company in Northern Canada, which transitioned into marketing and events across the territories. With a small team, we organized campaigns that contributed to charitable causes - including involvement at community festivals and fundraising events. As a culmination of previous experiences, [Space Is] merges my passion for creative events and purposeful gatherings. 

Paul Ciuk: It all started in 2012 with Love for Life Collective, an arts organization in charge of working as a bridge between artists and the community in Peterborough. We produced monthly multimedia events in different spaces with the purpose of getting local artists to exhibit their artwork. In 2014, I was one of the main organizers of "technology/politics," a two day graduate student conference at Trent University that hosted presenters from across Canada and the U.S. During the past couple of years, I have been involved in the management and construction of a music stage at OM Reunion Project - a week long festival with workshops, arts and music events. In 2015 I moved to Toronto and started working with Tekne, an arts incubator, as an event organizer and operator. [Space Is] represents a synthesis of my previous work, experience and passion in the creation of events - carefully crafted spaces of meaningful social interaction.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Toronto, Ontario

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